Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Nights

I've decided to try to make new dishes on Wednesday nights. Why Wednesday nights? Because it's the middle of the week.

Tonight, I tried to make a recipe called "Thai-Styled Halibut with Coconut Curry Broth." The recipe is at the following address:,,FOOD_9936_35669,00.html

I took a few liberties with the recipe. I used my wok instead of a saute pan (as I have a wok and not a saute pan). I also used slightly less chicken broth and slightly more coconut milk (one whole can of chicken broth was just under 2 cups). I also served it over white rice and green beans (I don't have spinich and I don't like it anyway).

I enjoyed the cooking method. Although, the fish I selected wasn't the freshest. With the availability of halibut in my location on an almost daily basis, I was stupid to get it from the store instead of down at the docks. Lesson learned. The problem with cooking halibut is that it tends to dry out when cooked. This method poached it well. Had the fish not been sitting at the grocery store for some time before I cooked it, it probably would have had a cleaner taste.

A really loved the recipe as it was. He usually doesn't like cilantro, and this recipe calls for a lot of it. He had 2 plates of it and is taking the leftovers for his lunch tomorrow. Hopefully it is just as good next day for him.

In the future, I plan to alter the recipe slightly to accomodate chicken. I also plan on adding more spices to the mix. For a "Thai" recipe, it was surprisingly bland (at least for my tastes). Stay tuned for the alterations made and the results!

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