Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fizgig... The demon cat from hell...

While A and I were living in his apartment, we discovered a litter of kittens that lived in the bushes in front of our parking space. One of them was really bold and would always come out to meet us. He was all black, cute little thing. We took him home and named him Fizgig (for those of you who know of the Dark Crystal reference, he eventually lived up to his namesake).

He was so cute as a kitten. He wasn't fully weaned when we decided to take him in, so we had to mix formula with baby rice cereal (as per the vet's orders). He made really funny noises when he ate that stuff. Like "oh this is so good but stay away from me this is mine..." LOL

One day, my older brother JM came to visit and we introduced him to Fizgig. Fiz did not like JM at all (I don't know why). He would start hissing any time we put him within 3 feet of JM. Hence, demon cat from hell. He lived up to that moniker too.

When we moved into our place in Tooele, we adopted an orange cat named Kanga. We couldn't stand that name, so to allow her to fit in, she was renamed "Shindig". (I know... We are strange folk.) She came fixed, and A couldn't stand to get Fiz fixed, so things were pretty funny around our house.

A few years later, we moved to Texas to try to get A a flight instructor job. While there, Fiz got out and never came back. I like to think that he is still tom-catting around the neighborhood there. I guess we'll never know.

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