Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More While We Were Dating...

In keeping with the timeline I've been setting up for myself, I will continue to write forward.

After I graduated High School, I had to move out of my parent's apartment in Salt Lake. That wasn't because they made me. At the time we were living in an apartment where you had to make less than a certain amount in order to live there (I can't remember the technical term for it right now, but I'm sure I will at like 11:30 tonight when I'm trying to sleep). Being 18 and out of school, my income was therefore to be used in this calculation, and by doing do, put the family over the limit. It was either I move, or the whole family had to move. Hmmm... easy choice.

A was living at another apartment complex across town. I checked out their studio apartments and decided that I could afford to live there. So A and I were neighbors now. It was fun. I would "borrow" his car to run to the store, he and his friend would "borrow" my food... lol... good times.

My aunt made the suggestion that since we were "basically living together" at this point, that we should actually live together and save some money. This made a lot of sense to us, so we moved my stuff into his place (his was a little bit bigger). I laugh every time I think about it. He had a couch, and I had a couch. We ended up putting one against the wall and the other one directly in front of it. LOL...

Shortly after this, we became engaged. We put a down payment on a house in Tooele and started to make the preparations for the wedding.

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Robert, Daisy and Little Nut said...

I think that is just after we lost touch! :-(