Friday, July 11, 2008

Another installment of "While we were dating"...

For Memorial Day weekend the first year we were together, we decided to go for a camping trip in the Pacer. A had been to a place called "Mexican Mountain" in the San Rafael Swell in Utah, and wanted to take me there. We loaded up the plane with all the provisions for a 3 day 2 night camping trip and headed out.
The place was beautiful. High red-rock canyons on either side of the airstrip, the Green River running along it. Peaceful.... Lovely.... Until we experienced the Biting Horse Flies and.... the FIRE-ANTS!

I ended up getting bit on my butt while taking a nap by a Fire Ant. We promptly took off (on the 2nd day) to head for home. We hadn't planned on leaving so early, so we still had lots of water that we had to dump out so that we could take off (I think we took like 3 5-gallon containers). By the time we got back to Salt Lake, the swelling had gone down and was not as intense. We finished our camping trip on the floor of his living room.

That'll teach us to go there in May instead of September....

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