Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shindig... Little Miss Priss

Our orange cat, Shindig, is the animal we had the longest. We adopted her in December 1999 (she was a Christmas present to me) and immediately changed her name. (Her sister was named "Roo" so it would have made sense if there were 2 of them...)

Shindig was a very odd cat. She quickly learned how to do things that we didn't really like. Like opening the cupboard doors. Eventually, that talent of hers allowed us to "hide" the catbox under the laundry room sink. She was a good mouser. A couple of times, I thought she was playing with a mouse toy but it was real. Dead, but real...

Shindig put up with a lot from us. We moved her several times. Subjected numerous dogs and one other cat (after Fizgig), traumatized her beyond belief, I'm sure. But she was a good cat.

While we were living in Iliamna, I discovered that I had developed an allergy to cats. BUMMER. At the time, we had Shindig and Merlin (a cat we picked up in Juneau). We had to banish them both from our bedroom, which Shindig didn't like at all. She was used to sleeping on our pillows next to our heads along with Fizgig for so long. She did not take the change well.

When we were planning for our move to Hawaii, we discovered the crappy quarantine laws on pets (I'll rant about that in another post). Because of the cost of all the tests, shipping the animals, paperwork and so on, we could only afford to move one of our 3 animals with us to Hawaii. The cats, sadly, had to go to other homes. It killed me to do it. It would have been better if we could have found someone who would take them in, but no one would. We finally had to take them to the humane society. I cried for my Shindig. She had been with me for 7 years at that point. Other than A, my one constant. I hope that she and Merlin went to good homes.

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