Saturday, July 19, 2008

At this point, it's not Iritis...

So I went to the dr again yesterday. He looked at everything, admitted that my eye was "angry" and proceeded to tell me that the inside of my eye looked good. He said that Iritis is characterized by the inside being inflammed and "angry", but with me, it's the outside of the eye that is inflammed and "angry."

So, I got some eye drops that are a milder steroid drop for the external eye. This one doesn't penetrate that much into the eye, so it would treat just the outside part. He told me that the stronger stuff, with prolonged use can cause cataracts, so he didn't want to give me that one unless/until the inside changes. So, this weekend, we are going to see if the drops are going to help. I seem to remember each time I get Iritis, it starts this way, but no one has ever explained it to me like that before. That may be because I've never been treated this early before. Hopefully, this course of action will keep it from progressing. I'm not hating it at the moment. It is painful, and mildly light sensitive, but if it was worse, I wouldn't be able to use my computer. The light from the screen would make it impossible for me to be here. And I am not currently using an eyepatch. With the external eye being inflamed, I don't have to keep it dialated, so Yay!

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