Thursday, July 17, 2008

The beginnings of my hubby's career...

When I first met A, he was already a Commercial pilot, IFR rated. Shortly after we got married, we were discussing career options. Up to this point, he had worked at the airport while acquiring his ratings, and he was tired of working "ground jobs." He also wanted me to take flying lessons. I told him I wouldn't unless he was the one teaching me. This is when he got his CFI. Basically that was his motivation.

Once he had his CFI, that opens up "flight instructor" jobs to him. Unfortunately, where we were living was pretty saturated. We opted to move to Texas (where he grew up) to flight instruct there. That meant moving across the country and selling our house. He had an offer to flight instruct from someone who was starting a flight school, but it wasn't set up yet. We gave him 2 months, and when it still wasn't up and running, decided to move back to Utah to work "ground jobs." I mean, you have to have something to bring in money and pay the bills, right?

Fortunately, our house hadn't had any offers on it, so we moved back into it and took it off the market. About 2 years later, we decided to try a flying job again. We moved back to Texas with the intention of him working for a college who was starting a flight training program. Well, that one didn't pan out either. We moved back to Utah (where I was able to get my old job back) with our tails between our legs.

At this point, A had only taken on a few students who had their own planes. We weren't able to make a go out of flight instructing. However, just a few months after we moved back to Utah the second time, he heard back on one of his resume's that he sent out to 135 operators all over the place. It was in Juneau, AK. He had always wanted to live here, so we packed up again and came here to Juneau. He got lots of experience and built his time up to move on to bigger and better things. After a couple of years in Juneau, we decided to take a job out in the bush in Iliamna, AK. There, he built up a lot of actual instrument time (which the regionals and majors look for on a resume). The village life wasn't for me, so I left to go back home to Montana. Aaron soon followed, leaving that job. He was able to get hired on at a contract freight company based in Billings, but they stationed him in Salt Lake. Back to Utah we went. We bought a house, thinking we were going to be there for a while, but within 6 months, he was notified that he was going to be transfered to Honolulu. He worked there for a year. At this point in his career, he could have gone to the majors (although now I'm glad he didn't). He wanted to make his living here in Alaska, where the flying is necessary and challenging. We moved back to Juneau to make our home. We bought a house here AND IF I HAVE TO SELL THIS ONE FOR ANOTHER "CHASE THE HOURS" MOVE I WILL HAVE TO BE PUT IN JAIL BECAUSE I WILL HAVE MURDERD MY HUSBAND.

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lonestar818 said...

ROFL at that last part. Aaron - consider yourself warned! :-)