Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Iritis Update

I went to the Doctor yesterday about my eye. It's a little strange. Usually, I feel the onset of symptoms one day, and then my eye is full blown the next. When I went to see the dr, my eye had been giving me symptoms for a few days now. He ran all the tests, shined the ungodly blinding light in my eye and couldn't tell that anything was wrong. He said that he doesn't doubt that I feel the iritis coming on, but because he can't see anything, he believes it would be more harmful to give me the drops now. Of course, he also said that if it goes full blown in the next few days, he'll eat his words.

He also informed me that sometimes, people who have on-going problems with iritis see a decrease in their symptoms as they get older. If this is the case, and this is as far as it's going to get this time, I will be extremely relieved.

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lonestar818 said...

Here's hoping it's getting better with time!