Monday, July 28, 2008

Job Information

Good news! A was offered a job with another company here in Alaska! Yay!!!!

Bad news... He has to leave TOMORROW for 3.5 week ground school in FAIRBANKS! Then, he gets "stationed" in Anchorage and only gets to come home 1 week out of the month... I can live with that right now, because I know it's temporary. It's just while he is starting. Once he moves up with his new company, he should be able to arrange a different schedule. The good thing is that they fly Brasillias (sp?) and he already has a type-rating, as that's what he was flying out in Honolulu.

Tonight, we will go out to dinner and celebrate. It's also his birthday in 2 weeks, which he will be in Fairbanks for. We'll probably celebrate that tonight too, just in case we can't afford a ticket for me to go up there for the weekend of his birthday. Cross your fingers..

At least this time, I'll have my dog :)


lonestar818 said...

So glad to hear it!! And especially that ya'll won't have to move.

A - congrats and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yippee!! We know what you're gong through and we're here for you!

Cherokee Dad said...

We are so proud of you and A. You have so many challenges but you handle them well and things continue to get better for both of you. I love your Blog and enjoy reading it immensely.