Thursday, July 10, 2008

I agree... Sleep is for wimps!

As I write this... it is 3:43 AM here. I attempted (obviously unsuccessfully) to go to sleep around Midnight (my usual sleep time). Unfortunately, around 2 AM, I was still awake. I hate that feeling. So I decided to do a little more work on my computer, check some things out. My SIL has a post on her blog called "Sleep is for wimps" and I have to agree at this point. Although my sleep deprivation is not related to her's, I think that tomorrow (ok, actually TODAY) at work will be more challenging for me, especially since I started doing Claims Adjusting today (ok, actually YESTERDAY) and I'm still working on the process for how it would best "flow". I've always sought out a "more challenging position" at work, so BRING IT ON!!!

At this time, A is in the shower preparing himself for work (he has a 4:45 departure and got LOTS of sleep since he fell asleep around 6). In a few minutes, I'll have to put some clothes on to take him to work (I usually ride my bike, but since this past weekend, we decided it was probably best not to for now). I usually come back and go to bed for a few hourse after I take him to work, but I think that today, I'll have to weigh the benefits of 2-3 hours sleep and no sleep. Sometimes it's better on no sleep. We'll see what I feel like in 30 minutes.


Jen said...

No Sleep it is!!

lonestar818 said...

LOL, you sound like me, if it's down to 2-3 hrs I usually opt for none, it's easier to stay awake than to try to wake up again after such a short time... hope it was a good day :)