Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Night Dinner (for one)

I love to cook, but I hate cooking for myself. I grew up in a pretty good sized family, with 3 brothers who ate like horses. I usually cook too much and I don't really like leftovers, so it doesn't seem like it's worth it to cook something for myself. When A's gone, I usually resort to a bowl of cereal or go to McDonalds...

So, tonight, I decided to try something new. I don't really like beans, but I will eat them on occasion. There is a restaurant in Utah that we used to eat at all the time at my work there that has a really good rice/beans dish. It was like coconut rice with red beans, chicken and broccoli. I pretty much got it every time we ate there. So I decided to try Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice, just for s&g's. It was relatively easy to make, all in one pot. I added some canned chicken (which I usually have stocked in my pantry because I inevitably forget to take chicken out of the freezer for dinner, but it tastes like canned chicken, so I don't use it a lot), drained, to the mix while it was coming to a boil. When it was done, the chicken had seasoned well and I didn't need to add anything else to season the rice. It was really good. I'll keep the left overs for tomorrow night, to see if I like this dish the next day. If not, I'll relegate this meal for when A is home so he can eat the left overs (he makes a really good fridge cleaner for this picky eater). This dish would probably pair really nicely with a salad or some other veggies. It's not as spicy as Zatarain's Jambalaya, which we eat a lot of, but it does have a little bit of spice.

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