Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lots of Activity

I got an email this morning from the engineer on our roof project. They are finally getting to my unit. They wanted to set up a meeting for Thursday to inspect the inside, etc... Yay!

However, when I got home, they had already started stacking wood in front of my house to set up the framework for the roof stuff. OK, not a problem. They left me room to park still, especially since they've been blocking my garage for 2 months now, so that was cool. The problem is, that A didn't do one of his chores for when he's home, and that is dog-doo pick-up. I get that it has been raining A LOT and that it's soggy and hard to scoop, but for crying out loud... I came home to the construction workers shoveling the piles out of my front yard. I was planning on doing it when I got home, but they beat me too it. I had to (shamefully) admit that I do, in fact, have a dog - They all thought all the neighborhood dogs used our front yard for a bathroom... Sadly (and embarassingly), no... When he's gone, I usually pick it up every couple of days... But it wouldn't have been so bad if, 1 - It hasn't been so darn wet, and 2 - If he took the dog away from the house like I asked him to after the last clean up so it wouldn't be bad for the construction guys. I mean, they'll be in my house next week... Like I really want dog doo all over my cream-colored carpet...

So, now that hubby is away, and it's pretty much all cleared out, Noni gets to go for a little walk, away from people to the field where I don't have to worry about pickup in the rain. I'm tired of fighting with A about crap (literally)...

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