Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy Day

Since the roof contractors will be in/out of my house over the next week, I'm taking today to clean/move things around. We purchased a couple of brand-new leather couches when we move here and (even though they told me it wasn't necessary) I moved them under the protection of the second floor. We have a loft upstairs, and part of my livingroom is open to the roof. They told me they would have protection draped over the couch, but I'm not taking any chances. It's not like I can go out and buy another couch if something happens to either one.

I brought one of my 2 computers downstairs, to make a makeshift office in my dining room. This way I don't have to worry about them knocking over my monitor, etc. I can do what I need to do on my spare computer and have my main one back next week.

You may be asking youself, why does she have 2 computers? Well, one of my hubby's hobbies is building computers. He built me a tower like his when I decided that my laptop wasn't cutting it any more. He built the second one more as a second computer for him, since he is really picky about his system and wanted one for games and one for everything else. That way he wouldn't get a virus on his game system (or something like that). I pretty much claimed it for me. I had intentions of either starting a business at home or working from home for someone else. I wanted to keep my personal computer (and all our financials) seperate from a "work" computer. But now, it is a storage/server for me to put all of our stuff on (copies of pictures, bills, etc...) And because it is smaller (and MUCH lighter) than my tower, it was easier to move downstairs.

Anyway, now I am moving things around to make it easier on the contractors (and easier on my so they won't be breaking a bunch of stuff...) today. I'll post some pictures once I'm done.


lonestar818 said...

I'd be moving stuff too... how long until they are done?

Tripacerchick said...

They are supposed to be done and out of my house by 5:30 on Friday...