Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day One of the Roof Reconstruction

OK, it's really, like day 3, as they started putting up the scaffolding on Tuesday, but I didn't get any pictures until today.
They started power-washing my roof this morning, at 7 AM... Yeah, they were my favorite people today. I had a meeting with the engineer and the contractor this evening, to go over what to expect, what needs to move where, and to give them a spare key. They told me that the roof was really bad. Our building is really the only one that is surrounded by these huge trees. I could look out the window of my home office (which overlooks the roof to the boiler room for the building) and there were trees growing on the roof. Anyway, long story short, Noni was freaked out by all the noise, so she came to work with me today. She had fun barking at our executive director. I'm not sure what her problem was, but I'm hoping she doesn't keep doing it. I noticed that she ran upstairs (after me and my supervisor got her all riled up) to look for her toy and was really excited and barked... I felt bad... I think she scared our director. If it becomes a habit, I'll have to shut us both into my office, which I don't really want to have to do, so she better behave.
They told me they aren't actually going to be doing any more work until Monday, but I'll take pictures throughout the process. A is out of town and he wants me to keep him updated. I figure this is probably the easiest way.


KJ said...

I would like to know where you work that they let you bring your dog to work? That is really awesome! No need to find doggy day care. Pretty Neat. Good luck with the roof!

Tripacerchick said...

They made an exception for me to bring her along, as long as she's good. I found out yesterday when we asked the higher-ups if it was ok that they used to all bring their dogs in to work, way back in the day. It would be great if they re-instate it, but I won't hold my breath.