Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 2 of the Roof Reconstruction!!!

I came home today to find the "bubble" up and inflated. I'm glad they are doing this, as it rains, A LOT here, especially in the fall. We probably won't get a good snow until mid-late November.

This is a picture of the crap they left in my yard. They removed it after I took the picture. Not because I took a picture of their mess, but because I got home before they were done for the day and they hadn't gotten to it yet.

This is a picture of my "dining/living room/office".
This is a picture of my office, as cleared-out as it's gonna get... Although, now looking at the pictures, I should probably find some place to put the stuff on the top of my bookcase...

This is the "living room" as seen from the second floor, all cleared out. I took the boxes in the upper-left to the dumpster, so it's cleaner now than it was when I took the picture. You can see Noni in "her chair" looking out the window so she can growl at the roof-workers.

I'll post more as they progress... My ceiling will probably be open tomorrow when I get home from work. Now I'm off to remove the family pictures from the front entrance and take the stuff down from the top of my bookcase.

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