Saturday, September 20, 2008

About the Pacer

I changed the header to my blog to a picture of the Pacer my husband owned when I first met him. I chose that picture purely for aesthetics. It goes better with my green background than my Tri-Pacer did.

We had numerous adventures in the Pacer. At one point, we used it to go between Salt Lake City and Abilene, Texas to visit family. I remember our longest leg being between Salt Lake City and Cortez, Colorado. The airport in Cortez is really quaint. There used to be a truck stop a couple of miles away that we would get buffalo burgers from. Then it was a quick hop to Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of my favorite airports, but I remember thinking "man, they are proud of their gas here!" The gas prices was $3.00/gallon for av-gas... It's double that here at the Juneau Airport now... We also landed in Lubbock, TX. My first taste of Texas. It was a quick stop as we quickly went from there to Abilene, where we promptly fell asleep because we were so tired. I think we left Salt Lake just before dawn, and we landed mid-late afternoon. I think it was a solid 8 hour flight. The same trip by car is about 24 hours driving time.

We also got to take the Pacer to the Southwest Short-Wing Piper Convention that was being held in Durango, Colorado the year we got married. Since I was so sick at the time we got married, we used this trip as our honeymoon. The weather could have been better. We couldn't make it as far as Durango, but we did make it to Cortez, where one of the members lived. We all drove to Durango together. That was a great trip, one that we want to do again. We rode on the Durango/Silverton train and flew out to the Anasazi ruins (yes, we flew there, landed on the road with all the other members, and took some great pictures). It was a fantastic trip and we made some great friends there.

The Pacer is still in the family, as my father-in-law now possesses it. It'll be good to see her again when we take our vacation next summer.

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Mandy said...

that is really neat .. the only time I flew general aviation with my husband is when he was in flight school and a flight instructor and we never did anything fun!!!