Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Ode To My Friend

My friend has inspired me to write a poem. I haven't written a poem since high school (and even then, under duress), so the rhymes are not very good, but I wanted to share it with her.

Ode To My Friend

To my good friend
Through thick and thin
I would tell our story,
Where should I begin?

I'll start with the first,
Both painfully shy
Breaking out of our shells
Just to say, Hi!

We did things together,
Were rarely apart,
You taught me, I taught you,
Who knew what we'd start.

When I moved away,
I feared the worst.
But you wouldn't let me go,
Our fragile friendship you nursed.

You found your mate first,
Then I found mine.
We both went on seperate paths,
And we both were fine.

With children for you,
And travel for me
We've lived our lives,

But still together,
In mind and heart.
Always there for each other
Though miles apart.

I know I'll have a shoulder
Or an ear to bend
Just as you know the same
is here on this end.

Neither of us blessed
With a sister in blood,
We took it upon ourselves
And picked the perfect one.

I want my friend to know how much I love an appreciate everything she's done for me. Who knows where I would be in this world without her.


lonestar818 said...

You don't give yourself enough credit, that's an awesome poem! The love for your friend really comes through.

Anonymous said...

I agree - it's awesome!! Your talents in the arts aren't limited to painting. You should write more. An I know she appreciates it & feels the same. Friendships like yours last a lifetime!

levengoodvet678 said...

Sorry that I am so late on commenting. I have been extremely busy.
That poem was awesome. Thanks!!!!
You made me cry.

Tripacerchick said...

I'm glad you liked it. I meant every word.