Monday, September 8, 2008

The Answers!

Finally, Monday has arrived! You cannot believe how badly I wanted to "spill the beans" on Saturday...

Just a refresher, I put a challenge out there to pick the "False" answer from 3 stories I told. In third place, with no votes, is the story involving Harrison Ford. In second place, is the Halloween story and the one you all think is the FALSE story is the Naked Mooning Experience...

I made this pretty tricky... All of these stories have a basis in fact, but one of them has an aspect to it that is incorrect.

The Halloween experience is in fact, true. We were living in Iliamna, AK at the time and we had only been there a short time (like about a month). We were still relatively new to the community, so we hadn't met everyone and they didn't know us. Well, that year (and probably every year), it was like 17 degrees outside, which is why no one was wearing costumes (at least that were visable, they could have had costumes on under their winter garb). I guess that with the vast majority of the population being related to each other, they were used to just going into peoples houses. So, there we were, sitting on our couch watching a movie on the satellite, trying not to eat all our Halloween candy, when here comes 6 kids into our small house! You can imagine my surprise! We didn't lock the door, mainly because we didn't expect that. We were both raised that you knock on the door first! We locked it after that, turned off the lights, and pretended to be asleep so they would leave us alone.

The most popular "false" story is also in fact true. The area in question is an area where "those who wish to be unencumbered by their clothing" go, known simply as "The Beach." Having been there numerous times (it's a great place to fly to, long open expanses to land, fun to go camping there), we knew that if there was anyone there, they were probably nude. We saw other airplanes on the ground and decided to "buzz" the airfield where they all were. Imagine our surprise when we got over the ridge to where everyone was that there were about 8-10 people lined up, bent over! I only wish I had a camera at the time! Good times...

The Harrison Ford story is false, but only in the aspect of us having met him. We did experience engine problems and we did divert to and airfield in Southern Idaho and Harrison Ford was there, but like a day or 2 before we were. His picture is on the wall at the maintenance shop there and the owners (who are VERY nice people, by the way) were extremely chatty about the experience.

I'm not sure if you all are aware of this, but Harrison is very active in aviation, and is the spokesman for EAA's YOUNG EAGLE program. The program is geared towards introducing the youth to flight. That's how A got involved in flying, and his father is involved in the Young Eagle program for the EAA Chapter that he belongs to.

I found this picture of Harrison Ford and his Beaver when I did a Google search, and much to my surprise, the picture was taken in front of the maintenance hanger in question from my story! (It is also the same hanger that I wrote about in a previous post about my first long cross-country solo trip.) I'm not sure if it was from the same trip in question, or if Harrison frequents this stop, but I just had to add it to this post!

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