Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh, Crap...

I'm beginning to regret telling my hubby that I was interested in another airplane for myself. He's now talking about taking the money we were setting aside to fix up the Apache into a down payment on a Tri-Pacer. Crap...

It's not like we need to go further into debt at this point in time. In fact, we REALLY SHOULDN'T. But telling him that is like talking to a brick wall sometimes. I know he understands the financial situation we're in (in fact, he's usually the first to tell me, "Do you REALLY need that?) And I know that he's not really serious about it right now, but that doesn't decrease the amount of times we need to discuss it. At this point, I'd rather discuss the plans to re-do the bathroom (because if I have my way, that project will be completed BEFORE we even start looking for another plane).

I feel like I should have flash cards or something that have different topics of discussion on them that I can show him everytime he gets on the whole "new plane" thing.

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on a separate note, I got your invite for "Books I've Read" thanks!