Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I miss my Tri-Pacer

I decided today that I miss my old airplane. Especially with the cost of things going up, my old Tri-Pacer was one of the cheapest planes we have owned. I'm thinking about possibly getting another one, which has A all excited. One, he loves looking for "new" planes online, comparing the information, etc. I guess he gets the same kind of "high" from that as women do shoe shopping. But, I was thinking that I'd like to get back into flying myself. I mean, I loved it when I was flying solo. I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to. If all I wanted to do was go back and forth around the valley, then that's what I'd do...

Of course, all this is moot for the time being. It's just dreaming. But if things start getting better for us, and we pay off some other things, then we can afford for me to have another Short-Wing Piper.

It would make it easier for me to go "down south" by myself on an adventure. A mentioned that I could do that now with the Apache we currently own, if only I'd get my license and learn to fly multi-engine. But then I pointed out the fact that the Apache will maybe break even on cost with the airlines only if the both of us travel with the dog. A smaller plane will take longer, but will be much more economical than the Apache if I travel alone. But that is for another time. Like I said, at this point, it's all dreams.

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lonestar818 said...

LOL about A getting enjoying researching new planes, dh is like that w/ researching stuff he likes to buy too (ok it's not planes, but still!).

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