Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lighten Up

In the news recently is a lot of backlash for Ben Stiller's new movie "Tropic Thunder." I've decided to post my opinion (and remember, it is MY OPINION, I am not forcing my views onto anyone here, so please don't write me thinking that I am) and share my views on this situation.

I don't normally like Ben Stiller movies. I usually can't stand the comedy, the way they are usually just stupid (Zoolander, anyone?). However, I am way more interested in this movie, mainly because Robert Downey Jr is in it, and I find him HILARIOUS! (when he's not high, of course).

The biggest backlash I've read so far in the news is the "over"use of a particular word. I find it amazing, though, that the person doing the loudest boycott of the movie, hasn't even seen it yet. There is also controversy regarding the "blackface" performance of Robert Downey Jr. I've also read comments pertaining to Vietnam vets and how their actions during the war are being portrayed.

In addressing all of these items I would like to say that "It's a freaking movie!" I am getting tired of people taking things way too seriously. This is a comedy, satiring Hollywood and the extremes that actors go through, not a poke at mentally challenged people, or african americans, or vietnam vets. Take it for what it is.

Now, that being said, I hope you don't consider me a heartless person for this opinion. I'm sure that I would have a different opinion if the movie was actually about poking fun at the mentally challenged, etc.

I saw a comment on a news blog earlier today that basically said, If George Carlin were here, I wonder what his take on all this would be. It would probably be somewhere along the line of Lighten Up People (expletive deleted)!

I haven't seen the movie yet. I hope to see it this weekend. I'll post a review of it once I have seen it, but until then, I just have to say that everyone needs to lighten up and not take it so seriously. It may still be a stupid movie, but I'm not going to boycott it on the off chance that my going will offend some people.

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