Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Cessna 175

I've noticed that I haven't posted much regarding our Cessna 175. We bought it shortly after we were married, mainly because we were living in Utah at the time, and flying to Texas or ABQ to visit relatives was really fatiguing in the Pacer. We wanted a roomier/more comfortable ride.

A let me name it (as I get to do with our current airplane, which I haven't done yet). It was named "Moonlight Serenade" after "our song." We both love big band/Glenn Miller.

We had the Cessna for a long time. It was useful to us, especially if A had to leave immediately for a new position (when we moved the Juneau the first time, and when he had to report to duty in Salt Lake a few years ago). We also used it as a SUV/Cargo Van when we lived in Iliamna. To get out of the village, we would take a few days off, fly the Cessna to Anchorage and go shopping for 2 days. It also allowed us to see movies, get a night out, etc... We were able to pack so much stuff in the plane that we only had to make trips like that every 2-3 months. That came in handy, considering if we were to have gotten all of our groceries at the local general store, we would not have had a great selection and it would have cost us way more. (Think $8/gallon of milk).

We finally sold it prior to moving to Hawaii, mainly because we couldn't fathom leaving it in a hanger for who knew how long at the time, and A didn't really trust anyone to keep it flying for him. There was no way we could have ferried it across the ocean to Hawaii, or barging it out there. But, that left us open to getting the twin he's been wanting for some time (I wouldn't let him get one until the Cessna was gone. Even though we've had 2 planes at a time before, the cost is so much more for a twin, that it would have seemed like we had 3-4 planes at a time).

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