Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday's Suck, Part 2

Today has been the crappiest day I've had in quite a while, far surpassing last Monday's crappiness.

Over the weekend, A's cell phone busted spontaneously (we have yet to narrow down "how" it did this, other than at some point from when he shut it off to get on the plane in Anchorage to come home and turning it back on when he landed here in Juneau.) We have been trying to get a new cell phone for him, for free, considering I was forced into "upgrading" our cell phone plan to transfer it to Alaska from Utah. I had to pay full price for my new phone (the front screen on mine was busted and needed to be replaced) at the time because I was not "eligible for an upgrade" at that point. They did offer me a second phone at that time, but because we didn't "need" it, we decided not to get it. Aparently, if you don't go get your "second phone" within 30 days of a new contract, you forfeit your claim to a new phone AND they extend the "upgrade" option on your old phone. So, A cannot get an upgrade until September of 2009. Because the phone is out of warranty, they will not replace it. Oh, but they will give us 2 free phones if we sign up for another 2 years service. Now, I probably wouldn't have too much of a problem with this if - 1) I didn't have to stand in line for an hour to get any service what-so-ever at my local AT&T (that's right... I said it... AT&FREAKINGT), 2) they wouldn't tell me I get something and then later tell me, sorry, but no (after wanting to transfer my Roll-Over minutes from my old contract to the new one), and 3) if I would actually get customer service when I went down there and took time out of my busy day to deal with all this stupid crap!!!! Oh, yeah, and A has been authorized on our account since the beginning of the plan, with me being primary, and today they wouldn't help him out at all. I had to go down there with 5 minutes left on my lunch break to deal with this. A met me in the parking lot and told me that the chick-lady that I tried to talk to to authorize A on the plan wouldn't talk to me because I yelled at her on the phone. Of course I yelled at her! I told her that I was going to head down there since she "wouldn't" take my phone authorization for him and that I wasn't going to stand around waiting for 20 minutes to get resolution (they are notorious for people waiting for 30 minutes or more for customer service). I was advised that if I had a problem that I was more than welcome to call the main customer service number to get resolution. OK, I used to work for AT&T. All they are going to do is say "I'm sorry, we can't do that" and hang up on me.

I never wanted to go with AT&T in the first place. I was with Cingular and they got taken over. I NEVER had a problem with Cingular. If I could get comparible service (nationwide) here in Alaska, I would switch in a heartbeat and let them take me to collections over the broken contract. But, alas, unless I want service pretty much only in Alaska, they are my best bet. ARGHHH!!!

So, A, being much more calm on the phone that I would be right now, is on the phone with customer service to try and get resolution. Well, good luck honey...

One idea that was suggested to me was to circumvent the whole situation by getting a prepaid "gophone" and just put his sim card in it. There's an idea!!! Let's stick it to those greedy jerks!!!


Tripacerchick said...

UPDATE - A called the customer service line and they said we get a particular phone for $40 as part of our current contract, and they are going to note our account as to that fact. So now we can say - Give me my freaking $40 phone jerkwads!!!!

levengoodvet678 said...

I'm sorry you are getting the run around. I know the feeling. Hang in there, things will get better.