Friday, August 29, 2008

Attack of the Mullet-Head Dog

It was brought to my attention last night that my dog has a mullet. I feel I need to give a little back story here...

Noni is 1/2 Lhasa Apso, 1/2 Sled Dog Mutt. Now, Lhasa's grow a lot of hair that comes down over their eyes. Noni has this trait. I've heard that it is to protect their sensitive eyes. However, Noni does not have sensitive eyes, at least that we can tell (it must be the "sled dog" in her). In fact, everytime I let her hair grow that long on her head, she starts biting everything because she can't see. So, ever since she's been about 6-8 months old, I've kept the hair above her eyes trimmed.

The last few times I've trimmed her head, I've trimmed the rest of her a bit too (her fur gets really long and shaggy, hard to keep clean). However, the last time I trimmed her "hair," I did not do the rest of her (this was shortly before A came back home). We were laying there last night when I was asked, "How come Noni's "eyebrows" aren't growing back in?" My response was that I had trimmed them back just before he got home. Then he started looking at her pretty intensely. Then, all of a sudden, "Noni has a mullet!" I haven't laughed so hard or so repeatedly (I'd crack up every 10 minutes or so) for so long! He was SO RIGHT!!! It is all business in the front, party in the back! LOL!!!! It's especially noticeable when she's all riled up and has shaken her fur out! HILARIOUS!!!

Here's a picture of Noni sporting the MacGuyver mullet (it seems to have a life of it's own...) Enjoy!


lonestar818 said...

LOVE the picture, ROFL!! Thanks for the laugh :)

levengoodvet678 said...

That is a great picture of her. Thanks.