Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who needs a gym...

...when there is 14 inches of snow outside? Not me!

I was a hermit all weekend, not venturing outside in the snow for anything. Then, today, I saw just how much snow we got overnight and decided that I should probably clear around my car if I wanted to make it to work on time tomorrow.

One good thing is that I figured out that A's ancient military arctic boots fit perfectly outside my green sneakers and they lace clear up to my knees. Awesome! I can use them now when it snows. And they are a great fashion statement.

Anyway, I put on the green boots to go clear snow. I had to do two shifts, the first one starting at my door and carving a path to my car and clearing about half of the left side of the car. I chose to do this AFTER the snow plow came, which was good and bad. Good that the snow plow truck got the majority of the snow off the parking lot, but bad that in the process, ended up piling more snow around my car. The second round of shoveling was just to clear the car. The back end of my car had snow halfway up the trunk! I think I was out there for 2 hours, just shoveling. At least I got the car un-buried. Hopefully we don't get dumped on again tonight.

So now, the whole body feels like I just did time at the gym. It's nice that Mother Nature is providing me with a way to work out that doesn't cost money.

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levengoodvet678 said...

You're right, who does need a gym with snow everywhere? Just don't hurt yourself.