Saturday, January 10, 2009

Months ago...

Months ago, I blogged about my intentions of organizing my home office. Since then, it has become a den for all things unpacked, weird, or I have no other place to put it... Until this weekend.

I took advantage of not working yesterday, and started clearing it out... I have to say, that I did a remarkable job. Today, I've been going through boxes that were in here, to determine if we need to keep the contents, or get rid of the contents. So far, several boxes of crap have been gone through and I have a pretty respectable toss pile. I have a few more boxes to go through, but I hope to finish that tomorrow. I want to have it done before the man comes home on Monday, so I can spend my time with him, cleaning the rest of the house. It's pretty common knowledge (at least in my house) that the office is my domain, and that he is not welcome to clean it. He can come in, look at the books and stuff in the bookcase, but I don't want him going through the papers on my desk, for fear that he will throw something out that I need. I know that this is pretty much insane, because the man is a pack-rat and doesn't throw anything out, but you never know. He could decide one day that the note I have sitting on my desk that is important to me because it tells me where to mail a particular payment to is garbage.

Once I am done, I will finally have the "AFTER" pictures to post...

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