Saturday, January 3, 2009

Battle Scars!

We had originally decided that I would un-decorate our tree while A was gone the first part on January, but that I would wait until he returned home to disassemble it for storage. While removing the ornaments, I saw just how easy it would be to disassemble, so that's what I did... But I'll start with the first battle scar...

When A's grandfather passed away, we aquired a lot of artwork that we LOVE! The last batch of framed artwork arrived a little before Christmas, but we hadn't hung it yet. Mostly, we were trying to figure out the best location for the specific paintings. We decided that one of them would replace a "Tuscan" scene that we had purchased while we lived in Utah, since our first floor is more of a "southwestern" themed area. The painting we decided would fit better is a watercolor painting of an adobe church, painted by A's grandfather.

At some point in time from pulling the old painting off the wall and putting up the new one, I received a series of scratches on my forearm. Pretty deep scratches. That would be battle scar #1.

The rest (and let me tell you, there are too many to count at this point), happened wrestling the tree back into the box. I ended up having to tie up the branches to make it fit, and my arms are not too happy with me at the moment. I remember getting scratches like these once when I was holding our first cat (an un-neutered male) and A sic'd the dog on him and he freaked out. Never before and only now since, have I been so scratched up.

So, after I finish this post, I intend to go soak in my tub for a while and let all the scratches get clean. There are some that I didn't see until now, which means they didn't get clean when I was washing up earlier...

I'll have A take some pictures of the artwork that we have downstairs. We are so glad that we have those little pieces of A's grandpa.

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