Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mild Irritations, and other tidbits of the day

My day started out with getting up (I know, what a novel idea) and getting ready for work... Shortly after I got up, A went and turned the dryer on... This prompted a "why"... Here's the back story...

The other day, an avalanche took out a tower that brings cheap electricity from the hydroelectric plant to Juneau, causing us to go on Diesel Generators for city power. This also happened back in April 08 TO THE SAME TOWER. The price of diesel was astronomically high, so our electricity went up quite a lot. Anyway, I decided that I would wash a load of laundry, combined of all my necessary items, to save electricity and to keep me from having to do a day's worth of multiple laundry loads... After the washer was done, I got up to switch it to the dryer, but A asked me not to since we were watching a movie and he didn't want it interrupted by the dryer buzzer. Ok, that's fine with me. But the downside was that I forgot about the load that needed to go into the dryer until after I had retired upstairs to go to sleep. I asked A to switch the load out, which he did... But he forgot to turn it on... This left me wearing a hideous skirt to work, complete with nylons and heels, all because my jeans were wet... (I changed into jeans when I came home for lunch, and felt much more comfortable...)

At work, I was bestowed the lovely task of researching and purchasing a replacement battery backup for our Anchorage office... Sometimes I'm not given exact directions as to what the "higher-ups" want, and today was no different. I spent the better part of my afternoon comparing/contrasting backups, researching the best way to get it there, who has the best prices, etc... It all worked out in the end, but that leaves as much work on my desk tomorrow as today, since I wasn't able to accomplish that much this afternoon...

Another trip to the hanger... This time, it was just to check the progress of what the man does with his "days off"... I'm pretty impressed at his progress now that it's in the hanger. It's almost completely stripped out. We have a "date" this weekend (3-day weekend) to both work at the hanger cleaning the interior up to prepare it for the new upholstery. Check out his blog tomorrow where he will post an update to his project.

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