Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How stupid do you have to be?

While perusing aviation related news topics, the following story came across my eyes:

Britain: South African Airways crew arrested at Heathrow after drugsfound in bags

LONDON (AP) — Fifteen crew members of a South African Airways flight that landed in London were arrested Tuesday after a large shipment of cannabis and cocaine was found in their luggage, customs officials said.

Bob Gaiger of HM Revenue and Customs said the flight attendants and pilots on a flight from Johannesburg to London were taken into custody at Heathrow Airport as they passed through customs.

He said customs officials found 110 pounds (50 kilograms) of cannabis in three of their bags. One of the bags also contained around eight pounds (4 kilograms) of cocaine, worth around 160,000 pounds ($222,000).

Gaiger said it was not immediately clear who the bags belonged to.

South African Airways was not immediately available to comment on the arrests.

Seriously... How stupid do you have to be to try to take drugs through an airport? I'm sure that there is some missing information in this news story, but come on... Hope the idea of money from that quantity of drugs sustains you while you are in prison on drug trafficking charges!

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