Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 of 2009

So my first day of 2009 started with being woke up by Wile E. Coyote chasing Roadrunner. That means that I fell asleep with the TV on, watching the crap on Adult Swim last night and woke up to Looney Toons... A much better program than what I was watching last night. Cartoon Network was doing a Looney Toon marathon today, but I got burned out on Bugs by 4 PM. Although, I did get to see one of my favorite Merrie Melodies that they made, that gives props to the Armed Services. It is the one with "Super Rabbit" where Bugs eats some pretty freaky carrots some mad scientist made for him and then he could fly. In the process of fighting the bad guy and his horse, he lost his carrots, lost his powers, the bad guys got his carrots and got his powers and were fixin' to kick some bunny butt... Then Bugs said "This looks like a job for a REAL superman!" and then went into a phone booth to change (you know... Like superheroes do...) and came out dressed like a soldier! The two bad guys stopped and saluted Bugs as he marched on to Berlin and Tokyo. Too bad we don't have cartoons like that any more. This one was made in 1943.

Here is the cartoon if you wish to see it. Thank goodness for YouTube!

It's also a treat to watch Foghorn Leghorn rile up that old dog. I remember laughing and laughing when ever I saw a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon with the dog. It's nice to see it hasn't changed.

Yesterday, I got frustrated by our local cable company. I was watching movies on Lifetime and was treated to the Pay-Per-View advertisement of two men beating each other in the face. Is nothing sacred anymore? Don't they realize that the people who watch Lifetime don't want to see two guys pounding on each other? Like with blood and everything? It was gross... It's nice to see that they aren't showing that commercial on the "kids" channels, so I guess I'm safe today.


lonestar said...

I wish they had patriotic cartoons these days too... glad I missed the PPV ad though :).

Thanks for the yummy cookies! Happy New Year! :)

levengoodvet678 said...

That was a good way to start my day, today. Thanks for the cartoon.