Thursday, January 8, 2009

My 200th post!

I almost missed it, but I noticed my count while I was checking for Comments needing approval. So, there, I mentioned it :)

Today was busy, and (surprise, surprise) snowy. "They" are calling for 6-12 inches tonight and an additional 6-12 inches tomorrow of WET, HEAVY snow... Lately, it has been in the 20's, giving us our snow accumulation in dry powder, but tonight/tomorrow it is supposed to warm up to the 30's... I anticipate a power outage either tonight or sometime tomorrow from the sheer weight of the snow. It'll either weigh down branches, which then weigh down power lines, or the powerlines/poles themselves will have so much accumulated that the power will go down. Don't worry... I now have 2 flashlights (one I keep in my coat and one that hangs on the back of the front door) so I can find my way to the candles if/when it happens without feeling my way through a dark cave...

It is now time to pop out my new eyeballs and hit the hay a little early tonight. Cross my fingers that I can get them back in tomorrow morning with little to no fuss... So far this week, the contacts are winning on the battle of attachment to the eyeball... I hope to score at least one for me before my follow up visit next week!

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Silvie said...

Congratulations with your 200th post! Wow! I am still on 3 and already feeling bad that I did not write the last two days due to lack of time (and topics...).