Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seat me next to the irritating talker, please

I'd rather talk to someone than be stared at all day... I was taught it wasn't polite to stare... It makes me uncomfortable...

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elsja said...

OMG I was seated next to a million year old evil troll lady once who smelled like she bathed in cologne and she accused me of stealing her vegan meal (even though I asked the air hostess if they had any extra vegetarian). Well, it turns out they brought me her meal instead because i was seated in her seat. Beacause SHE WASN'T! I moved to the big row of 4(as many people did on this empty flight)for the extra room, but she had the nerve of being a bitch to me when SHE chose to move HER seat in the first place. She then proceeded to stare at me for the most of a 14 hour when she wasn't sleeping taking up 3 seats in the row of 4. As if it were her row and she wasn't willing to share. I just stared back at her once I had enough of her. So then as luck would have it... she was on the same flight BACK with me too!! I couldn't believe it- luckily I wasn't sitting next to her that time.

Sorry... longest comment ever :)