Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Night Dinner : "Adult" Mac & Cheese

So I was watching the Food Network the other day, when I saw Rachel Ray make "Mac & Cheese Lorraine" for 30 minute meals. It looked interesting, so I looked up the recipe to make it for dinner tonight.

I modified it slightly for what we had or could get here in Juneau. I used grueyer cheese, but we added some provolone to the mix for filler. I also only used one onion. I thought I botched my first attempt at a roux. I turned to wash the lettuce for our salad, and when I turned back to the roux, it was all lumpy. I tried whisking it and that fixed it well enough to mix the cheese into it. I had some shell pasta in my pantry, and it was the inspiration to try this dish, as A LOVES Shells'n'Cheese, but I HATE velveeta. This was a nice compromise.

It turned out better than I expected. I overcooked the pasta (I'm used to the time it takes to make penne, not shells). I also only used half a pound of shells. I mixed the bacon into the whole thing, rather than garnishing it on top. We have A LOT left over, because it makes a lot and it is really rich. We'll see what the leftovers are like tomorrow when I come home for lunch.

Next time, I'll try a different cheese and pasta combo, and make like a quarter of the recipe. But it is really really good :)

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