Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day after the debate...

I will admit, I didn't really watch the debate last night. I found other things more interesting to do than listen to two people who I don't really care for, blame each other for what's been done wrong, blah blah blah.

I would respect both candidates more if they stopped blaming each other and started working together for the greater good. I know that they are playing the ultimate popularity game, but smearing each other doesn't work that well, in my opinion.

Case in point... There is a candidate running against Ted Stevens for US Senate here in AK, Mark Begich. I have not heard one bad thing about Ted Stevens in any of his sponsored commercials, especially with everything going on right now for Mr. Stevens. Instead of saying "Vote for me because Ted is evil" he says "Vote for me because I have these ideas that will work for the state." That's refreshing. I wish it could be like that everywhere. Instead of breaking it down to what has been done wrong, personally and professionally, break it down to something more like "OK, we know we have problems, let's do what we need to do to fix it." Isn't that what it's supposed to be about? Voting for someone based solely on their principles and ideas, not based on the color of their skin or the fact that they are a woman?

I hope that both presidential candidates wake up and stop blaming each other. I'm sick of it and, right now, I'm not too sure that either one of them will do a good job. All they've proven to me is that they are good at placing the blame on someone else, and not taking responsibility for their own actions.


levengoodvet678 said...

How did you get your Meez on your blog? I can't figure it out.

levengoodvet678 said...

Never mind, I figured something out. It's different from how you did it, but it works.