Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Apparently, I'm allergic to Christmas Cactus blossoms...

We have several Christmas Cacti at the office, one of which resides on a high bookshelf above my head. When we noticed blossoms on ALL of the plants, everyone was so excited! Mine is a lighter pink than the others and I was even more excited than the others to see mine blossom. I've inherited a black thumb from my mother, so I've never had a plant live that long before.

I noticed my blossoms opening up yesterday, so I moved my plant so I could see them better, basically placing the blossoms right over my main work area... Well, that apparently was a bad idea. I started having a "highly-suseptible to allergies" day today, since I didn't get as much sleep last night as I should have, and after I had been at work for about an hour, my allergies EXPLODED! Around lunch time, I noticed that my plant was putting out pollen, so I moved it into the other room. While that didn't stop my allergies (I have had many sneezes just writing this post), it did lessen them considerably.

So, for the duration of the blooms, my beautiful cactus will reside in our reception area. They don't seem to bother me, unless I am right up to them, so I will just enjoy from afar.
(This cactus is not mine, but it is similar... I forgot to take a picture of mine...)

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