Monday, October 13, 2008


I was tagged by readership for the following from Mandy. I will share 6 things about myself, never before shared...

1. My favorite color is yellow, but I use green in/on practically everything I do...

2. I have a total of 7 brothers and sisters.

3. Only one of them is my "full" brother.

4. I really only have a speaking-relationship with my oldest brother, who I didn't grow up with. (Maybe that's why...)

5. I LOVE to cook, but I HATE to clean up afterwards... So I don't usually cook.

6. I saw my first gray hair at the age of 24.

Now I will tag 6 people to keep it going.

1. Lonestar818
2. GeronimoDriver
3. levengoodvet678
4. msmom21
5. faaflyboy
6. YOU!!!

Have fun! I look forward to learning 6 things about you!


Cherokee Dad said...

Ok, I'll go first;
1. My favorite color is blue like the sky at mid-day but red seems to be my typical choice.
2. I have three brothers and I am the oldest. Didn't spend hardly anytime with youngest because we were many years apart.
3. All my brothers are full brothers but one I teased the most that he was adopted, even to this day he brings it up and gets mad at me, oh well he shouldn't have been so dark.
4. I have a speaking relationship with all my brothers except the baby as he passed on at way to an early age.
5. I don't cook but Mom's cooking is awesome. My belly is a true testament to that.
6. Can't remember when I saw my first gray hair but have been accused of using Greacian formula. Tag your it now!!!

Mandy said...

yay, thanks for playing along!!!