Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blackout... (aka Where is the flashlight?)

So, after I got home tonight, I realized that my power was out. At first, I just thought I didn't leave a light on or turn on my porch light. Then, after trying to turn on the lamp closest to the front door (which has a florescent bulb in it, so it doesn't turn on right away), I heard my battery back-up beeping. Crap... My power was out... And I didn't have a flashlight (that I know of... Honey, if one exists in the house somewhere, please tell me). I then had to stumble around upstairs to find my cell phone (which I forgot at home today) to use as a flashlight while I gathered what candles I could find. Then I tried to find my box of matches that I remember leaving on my bar in my kitchen. Drat... They weren't there. I must have "put them away." This instigated a search for my lighter, which I hid when the construction guys were here... Where, oh where, did I put the darn thing... Oh, in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom (good place for it).... Ok... Light the dang candles.... Where are the other 2.... Crap... I can't cook dinner... Call someone since I can't watch TV or go online... Hi, Auntie! Gotta go? OK... Hi A's mom! Gotta go? Hi Mommy! Gotta go? OK, power's back on now. Hopefully it stays on...

(Personal note: Go get a flashlight and emergency candles and matches etc... Maybe a battery operated lantern...)

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