Friday, October 10, 2008


While living in Hawaii, I dreaded this phrase. I can't exactly say why now. When I think back on my time there, the concept of ALOHA FRIDAY is kind of fun. Every Friday (probably for the benefit of the tourists) is ALOHA FRIDAY! Everyone wears their traditional Hawaiian gear (Aloha shirts, Mu-Mu's etc... btw, they are NOT called "hawaiian shirts" there, they are "Aloha shirts"), all of the radio stations play more hawaiian music with the mix of what they usually play, and you constantly here "It's Aloha Friday.... No work 'till Monday....etc (it's a song)"

I'm taking a page from the place I despise, and declare today ALOHA FRIDAY for anyone who wants to participate. I'm not taking things too seriously today. Monday will come soon enough for stress.


KJ said...

For some reason I can't comment on your gilmore girls post, but what is the website? I'm LOVE that show!!!

Tripacerchick said...

If you click on "creative people", it should take you to the website. If that doesn't work, it is

lonestar818 said...

Love the picture! There is actually a weekly meme for Aloha Friday if you want to check it out, I found it at The Farmer Files but it is actually hosted by An Island Life.

I tagged you for an award, stop by my blog to check it out :)

Tripacerchick said...

Thanks! I probably won't participate EVERY week, mainly because I know I won't be that chipper EVERY Friday. This past Friday was a fluke. But I like my Hula-Dog picture. I found that "outfit" just before I left for the islands and my office was throwing me a going-away-luau. We found it amongst all the other luau decorations you can get. Maybe I'll leave her picture up on the blog for everyone to enjoy every day of the week.