Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally! He did something to the house!

Ever since we moved into our house in Juneau (about 2 years ago), I have been wanting Aaron to do some work on the house. His priorities were the airplane, so my requests were not answered... until now! (I guess he got tired of me complaining and couldn't come up with something better for me for Christmas... Whatever, I'm just glad it's done!)

I'm not going to repeat what he said about it. Mainly because I don't have the pictures on my netbook and I don't want to get into copying them from his site.. He made a post about the Kitchen Remodel-Lite on his blog. He has pictures of the "after". We'll have to look through our photo archives to see if we can find a "before" picture for you. He didn't take any pictures before he started doing the work.

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-SPW said...

Thats alright, my DH told me today that I should really get to putting some of our 2 year old daughter's new toys away because he tripped on them coming home the other day... to him I replied "Sure dear, I will put them in the toy chest you still have to build her from last christmas."

:) ain't relationships fun!!