Saturday, January 16, 2010

Checklist for Today

1. Go to the hanger to get the cardboard that has been sitting in the corner since we moved in almost a year ago...

2. Go to my office and get the cardboard and other recyclables there to maximize my trip to the dump.

3. Take all recyclables to the dump to be recycled

4. Go back to the hanger to assemble a router table that Aaron was given (since all of his tools are there)

5. Come back to the house with the router table assembled and put in the garage.

6. Clean the house

7. Take down the Christmas Tree

8. Draft paper that is due tomorrow

9. Find time to help work on the PWC website with Summer.

10. Go shopping to get Aaron's supplies for Bethel.

11. Get Aaron packed so he can go back to work tomorrow...

(and most of the day is gone already... hopefully we'll fit in lunch & dinner in there somewhere...)

1 comment:

Silvie said...

pfff good luck... Sounds like a heavy day!