Thursday, November 13, 2008

Splitting up the chores...

This may seem simple, but I just thought of it recently... With A away from home most of the month (and even when he's home, for that matter...), I find that I don't want to pick one day to clean the house like we did when I was growing up. It was fine then, when the chores were divided up between 4 kids and 2 adults. Now, I find that I get overwhelmed doing the chores all in one day. So I devised a simple chore chart for daily items. I only do the chores for that day. I ignore all else until that day comes. So far, it's made it easier on me, and the house stays cleaner. I hope that when A gets home, it will be easy for him to see what gets done on what days so he can help me keep the house up. My chore chart is as follows:

MONDAY: Pick up bedroom, do the dishes.

TUESDAY: Bathroom wipe down (with clorox/costco wipes - sink, toilet seat), do the dishes.

WEDNESDAY: All garbage in the house to the dumpster, pick up the office, do the dishes.

THURSDAY: Dust the house, Pick up the living room, do the dishes.

FRIDAY: Bathroom scrub (with bathroom cleaner - shower, toilet bowl), do the dishes.

SATURDAY: All garbage in the house to the dumpster, all floors (sweep, vacuum, mop), do the dishes.

SUNDAY: Laundry, do the dishes.

I do the stuff that takes longer on the weekends and I've scheduled garbage to the dumpster twice a week on the day after the dumpster gets emptied. With the exception of the kitchen, each room in the house is done on a different day, with the bathroom getting some attention twice a week. I found that each "chore" takes less than an hour (except for the laundry) so I have the rest of the day do to whatever.

Do you have any house cleaning strategies/tips?

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