Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh, the joys of being an aircraft owner...

We had planned on re-doing the interior of our airplane this winter, so that it is done by the time we go on our big trip next year. Since A is home now, he started pulling things out of the plane to see what's what. I guess, now we are committed to the project. He started "dissecting" one of the back seats to see how big of a deal they are going to be. The seats are still upholstered with the original fabric, so it was sewn onto the frame. My job for when he's gone is to remove the old upholstery on the rest of the seats and get the seat frames cleaned up and ready for the new upholstery that he is ordering on Monday.

Hopefully the interior of the plane will look 100% better when we are done and it won't stink like "old airplane" which I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to... Oh, and that it won't be too much of a pain in the rear end to do it...

I'm not sure that I'll post too many pictures about the process, but I may post a before/after picture when we are done, or at least a link to my husband's blog, where I'm sure that he will have some posted.

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