Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crazy 8's

I've been tagged again, this time by Nicole.

8 Favorite TV Shows: (in no particular order)

-Gilmore Girls
-Ugly Betty
-How it's Made
-Robot Chicken
-Family Guy
-Full Metal Alchemist

8 Favorite Restaurants: (most of these are only available in one location...)

-The Hanger (JNU)
-The Zephyr (JNU)
-Aaron's atop the Ala Moana (HNL)
-Vito'n'Nicks (JNU)
-Sourdough Mining Company (ANC)
-Piper's Restaurant (ANC) - for breakfast...

8 Things That Happened Yesterday - September 22, 2008

-Bought my first Christmas Tree since 2001... hopefully it will be the last Christmas tree I buy
-Learned that the Christmas Tree we picked would not fit through the trunk opening on our car, so we had to lash it to the top...
-Learned what M.E.K. (methl ethyl ketone) smells like (picture really strong nail polish remover)
-It rained (big surprise there...)
-Leared that MEK was melting the plastic rather than removing the adhesive on some airplane parts we are trying to refurbish.
-Chatted with a great group of women on The Pilot Wives Club.
-Got pretty tipsy.
-Went to bed.

8 Things To Look Forward To:

-Thanksgiving with my husband.
-Decorating the house for Christmas.
-Getting contacts.
-Christmas with my husband.
-Pilot Wives Club meet-up.
-Collecting a paycheck.
-Buying bedroom furniture.
-Going on a massively expensive, but fun, trip to see as many relatives as possible.

8 Things I Love About Fall:

-The Colors!
-The need to wear a sweater!
-The cool weather.
-The holidays associated with fall.
-The new shows on TV
-The night comes sooner.
-It means Christmas is just around the corner!
-Snuggling on the couch with a hot cocoa...

8 Places I Want To See Someday:

-Northern Italy

8 Things On My Wish List: (Most of which, I'm sure will never happen)

-KitchenAid Stand Mixer with lots of HorsePower
-Bedroom Furniture
-A Maid Service
-For the Dog Whisperer to come and teach my dog to not pull on her leash anymore.
-For the What Not To Wear people to make me over.
-For me to know inside and out, the Workers' Comp laws in Alaska...
-Office Furniture
-To see my family more often.

8 People I Tag - Friends and Family :)

My Mom
My Father
My Husband
My New Pilot Wife Friend
And the Blogs that I read: Musing's of Cpt J's Wife and It's a Pilot's Life for Me.


Cherokee Dad said...

I love how you made your Crazy 8's comments. I also visited your Mom's site and saw all the yummy recipes she has posted there.

Summer in FL said...

Oh man! No one tagged me yet. I've seen this on Nicole's site and now yours - and Brittany's I think. I guess I'll wait my turn :-)