Monday, November 24, 2008

A Good "Monday" Cure (but only if you live in Juneau)

We have a local convenience store/bakery here that makes really good doughnuts and sandwiches. Seriously, people who have to travel here regularly will make a side trip to Breeze In to get either or both of the above.

They make seriously good rolls. I sometimes will eat nothing but rolls for lunch. They make these "cheese" rolls that are to die for....

Today, A and I went there for lunch after running errands on my lunch break. They had some homemade soup, Roasted Turkey Noodle. Normally I hate their soups, but it seemed like a good idea today. I didn't sleep well last night and it's cold and crappy today. I've already made a "mocha" instead of my normal coffee, trying to clear out the chills.

The soup is really good. Add in the good rolls to dip in and a vanilla diet coke, I'm one happy camper, considering it is a Monday. So far, it hasn't been horrible, but I am horribly busy... One of my hospitals FINALLY decided to bill, for the last 3 months, so I have a lovely stack of bills to go though. Gotta love that job security :)

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