Thursday, November 6, 2008

Arguments from 1000 miles away...

Without going into too much detail, (and with much embarassment), I will admit that I picked a fight with my husband last night on the phone... I had a really crappy day yesterday, and when I was trying to tell him about it, he said "I don't care that ..." Well, you can imagine how well I took that. I know he didn't really mean that he doesn't care about what I'm feeling, but it seemed that way last night. So I took HIGH offense and basically screamed at him (hangs her head in shame) over the phone... I was so mad that I didn't tell him that I loved him before I angrily hung up on him...

I'm not proud of those kinds of moments. I am seeing a pattern to our arguments though. Usually one of us keeps our wits about them and doesn't escalate the argument on their side. Usually it's me, but last night that was A.

In my defense (and yes, I realize it is an excuse...), I just wanted him to listen and not comment. It was one of those one-sided conversations that you need to get off your chest. When I told him that last night on the phone, he basically said, "I understand that, but I still don't care about ..." That just added to my meltdown. Arggh!!!

It's amazing what a night of sleep does to anger. I'm still upset at what he said, but I am much more reasonable this morning.

A - Since you will probably read this before I talk to you tonight, I'm sorry I screamed at you last night. I love you.

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Mandy said...

I totally understand what you are saying ... sometimes I just want to vent without the person listening give me advice on how to fix it ... ugh... I hope you're feeling better now and that A stopped saying he "doesnt care" !!