Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank Goodness...

The Christmas stuff is out! Actually, it's cookies for some friends and family. I've been baking for 2 days, making approx. 13 dozen cookies to ship out to everyone. I hope they like them. I just put quite a dent in my pocket book mailing out the boxes of goodies from Alaska. Awesome...

I almost miss not doing anything for the holidays. When we would be moving (or planning on moving) around the holidays, we didn't really do anything. We would call the people that mattered on Christmas day, and request cash in lieu of gifts so we didn't have to pack anything (the cash would be donated to the moving fund). There was no stress... no crowds... no lines... It was lovely. This year, we aren't going way out of our way for Christmas, but farther than we have in the past. The added stress of the last few days has had A and I at each other since yesterday. Given the current state of the economy, and the fact that he's not used to putting anything out for Christmas, he's a little irrated with the money it costs to do stuff. I tried to tell him that what I spent to mail out cookies is less than it would have been if we were sending presents.

The cookie making process itself was fun. A helped me dish out the cookie dough. He was enamored with the disher... for a while, at least. LOL... I'm glad he helped out, because that makes our Christmas cookies that we just sent out "from the both of us" instead of just from me. I hope everyone likes them. I made my famous Oatmeal trio for everyone. I have Traditional Oatmeal Raisen, Orange-Cranberry, and Lemon-Blueberry.

As if that many oatmeal cookies aren't enough, I also made a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies for A last night. I was a cookie-making fool the past two days, which is the reason I haven't updated my blog as promised.

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Mandy said...

hey, just checking with you. sorry I havent stopped by in a while!!

EVERYONE seems to be baking ... the orange-cranberry sound awesome!!