Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Airplane Project

My lovely husband wrote up our initial progress on the airplane interior project. You can see it here, if you are so inclined. Be looks gross...

He told me today that the company that is doing the interior for us had a fire, so they will be delayed in getting our interior out to us for an additional month while they clean up the smoke damage and restock their fabrics.

While I am glad that no one was hurt and there wasn't much damage except for smoke damage, I am exstatic that we are on hold for now. I thought I was going to have to strip 2 more seats and clean them up to prepare for paint before the 16th (when the hubby gets back from Bethel). Whew! I can be lazy (in that regard) and just focus on my Christmas. Getting my house ready for the holidays. We plan to have our neighbors over for dinner (to repay them for their lovely Thanksgiving dinner) and invite friends over for Christmas Eve. I started a tradition a while back of MAKING chinese food for dinner with a bunch of friends. I volunteer friends to fill and seal the wontons while I make everything else. As we get closer, and I finalize the menu, I'll post it. Then I'll explain how easy it is... I learned how to make chinese food living in the village, because getting take out involved a 2 hour flight... I couldn't believe how easy most of it is...

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