Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Christmas Decorations

I am participating in the Pilot Wives Club Holiday Home Tour. I have decided to share with everyone who reads my blog, my Christmas Spirit :) I made this wreath this year. I've never had a wreath before, let alone made one. Actually, scratch that. In 3rd grade, we made these really cool wreaths out of old punch cards. I wonder if my mom still has a picture of it. Anyway, A decided that he wanted a very specific tree topper, but it has gold accents. I don't usually go for the gold accents, but I decided to go for it this year. So this wreath was the first thing that I made in our Red-Green-Gold color scheme. I love it because it has jingle bells on it so when I open the door, I'm greeted by bells :)

The tree is the first one we have had since 2001. It is so beautiful. Although, now we have to always live in a place that has high enough ceilings to accomodate it. It's a 9' tree.

The Ornaments are ones we've had for years. Some of them are old ones from when I grew up, handmade by family members. Some have been given to us as gifts. They are all precious.

The snowman was given to me last year. He came with a friend, who is on another shelf. This one is in a place of prominance. Next to A's beloved airplane-music box that his grandfather made. It plays "Fly Me To The Moon".

This is our menorah. A's family has always celebrated Hanukkah along with Christmas. This was given to us at our first Christmas, and like our tree, this will be the first year it will be lit since 2001. It is such a great tradition.

I hope you all enjoy our pictures! I know this Holiday Season will be the best we've had in a long time, mostly because we get to be together.

PS: A has a train set that goes under our tree, but he didn't have enough time before he needed to leave to pull it out of storage. It will be pulled out after he gets back... It's such a joy seeing him with that set that he has had so long. He's like a 7 year old again. :)


lonestar said...

I love the decorations! It would be fun to see A and his nephews all playing with the train together :). Well, except I'd be worried that the boys might break it :/. They keep pulling the train ornaments off of the tree (we don't have one for underneath the tree yet), Bitty's been looking for the "track" that goes with the ornaments, lol.

Summer in FL said...

I like the decorations - the wreath is beautiful! I'm such a slacker - I need to get mine posted ASAP!

levengoodvet678 said...

Those are great decorations. I wish I had time to make more. Perhaps the kids and I should make some decorations. Well at least, I'll find time to make Christmas cookies (the most important part).