Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a GREAT Day!

I love Saturdays... I get to sleep in... I usually get to do what I want...

Today was AWESOME! I didn't sneeze once and the only time I really coughed was because some water went down the wrong pipe... Just AWESOME!! There must be something to drinking a whole lot of water and not eating simple carbs (ie: sugar/candy) while you are fighting off a cold.

Since I had been ignoring the house all week and not cleaning up after myself in during my illness, I took some time today to do so. I also had to get ready for my company's Christmas Party... Yes, I realize it is the middle of February, but this is how they do it. During December, there are so many conventions/meetings and family visits that it is hard to get everyone together for an office holiday party. There are only 5 of us in our office, so if someone is gone, it leaves a hole... So a long time ago, they decided to hold the Christmas party in January, when everyone was back from traveling. However, this January, the week before we were supposed to have it, one of the employees had a sudden death in the family, so he wouldn't be there. We postponed it to February so he and his wife could join us.

Anyway, that meant having to do laundry (something I usually put off until Sunday) and making a dessert to bring to the party. I made some caramel the other day, and I thought I would dip it in chocolate and put some sea salt on it... I saw it on the Food Network, so don't call me freaky or something. I happen to like sweet/salty items. The chocolate I got to dip the caramel in didn't turn out like I wanted it to, so I only dipped like 2 of them. The rest I wrapped individually in wax paper and took to the party. They were a big hit. Last year, I took cookies and went home with quite a few left over... This year, I came home with an empty bowl...

So, now I am all partied-out and ready for bed. It was a great day all around :)

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