Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Avalanche, Anyone?

Yesterday, my power went out again. It was only off for about 15 minutes, but I couldn't help thinking that there was another avalanche, like the one that took out our power lines a few weeks back... I was right...

Although it wasn't in the same location as previous avalanches that cut off Juneau to hydro-power, it still interrupted service for a while.
The bad thing about this particular avalanche is that it cut off a community called Thane from Juneau. The road to Thane is completely buried in this section. The paper reported that they should have the road clear by tonight, but they aren't sure if anyone was caught in the avalanche. I hope not.

When we were living in Hawaii, a friend of ours told us of another avalanche in the same area. That one was caught on camera.
We've looked at living in this community before. If we ever decide to, we would definitely have to take these occurrences into consideration.


Silvie said...

wow, it is amazing what nature can do! i am hoping with you that no one is caught by the avalanche!

Tripacerchick said...

Thankfully, no one was caught in the avalanche. They cleared the road last night.